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Randi Nussbaum

b. 1952, Brooklyn NY

Welcome to Randi Studio

Thank you for visiting. Here’s what there is to discover as you continue to browse:



I’m not afraid to get dirty, I have my own take on following directions and mostly, you can’t take Brooklyn out of me.



Not quite a studio visit, but you'll see; messages from mono prints, building a city with them and peek into my unconventional space.


Unfolding stories; sometimes immediate and funny, sometimes haunting or subtle.


11 x 14"

“Don’t think just put” works on paper where rational thinking is turned off.


Vivid color, bold shape, a warp in time. I took LSD in the 60’s


The “anti-masterpiece” of text and image produced on an antique collection of EL Greco Plates.


Please don't hesitate to contact me.


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